Iradion Z30/Z40 - 30/40 Watt

The smallest RF driven 30 and 40 Watt laser

The Iradion Z30/Z40 (model 163 and 164) is a 30/40 Watt CO2 laser tube and is based on Iradion’s proven Ceramic Core Technology. One of the primary differences and technological advancements that is incorporated in this design is the resonator. Latest release is model 162 with 25 Watt and 9.3 µm wavelength.

The Z30’s/Z40’s resonator is a Z-folded (2-fold) unstable resonator. This allows for a smaller package design when compared with other 30/40 Watt laser tubes and is the shortest (folded) resonator in the 30 – 50 watt CO2 laser class, but has a remarkably long (unfolded) resonator length.

This provides superior power and beam diameter stability. Early test have shown the from-cold power stability in the ±2% range.

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