Iradion 1600 Series 200 and 250 Watt

The lightest, most compact 200 and 250 watt CO2 lasers in the World.

Iradion is excited to extend the upper limit of its Infinity Series Lasers to include these new higher powered CO2 laser sources.  The model 1620 (200W) and 1625 (250W) lasers are based on our proven Ceramic Core Technology and offer the advantages of superior stability, gas lifetime and reliability over traditional metal tube technology.

Although rated for either 200 or 250 Watts, these lasers ship from our factory with a minimum of 10% additional output power (220 or 275 Watts respectively) GUARANTEED.  These lasers have integrated RF Power and are available as water cooled only (chiller required and not included).  The DC power supply and air purge system are included with the system.

Download Datasheet Iradion 1620 and 1625
Download Datasheet Beam Expander
Download Operation Manual Iradion 1625

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