Joint Sales, Service and Production Agreement

Rofin-Sinar UK and Iradion Lasers Inc

Joint Sales, Service and Production Agreement

November 2nd, 2017 - Rofin-Sinar UK and Iradion Lasers Inc have announced a joint worldwide sales, service and production agreement to combine their complimentary carbon dioxide (CO2) laser product lines and jointly market them globally.

The merged product portfolios now cover a wide range of CW and pulsed lasers with power levels up to 1kW, using different technologies, enabling most industrial CO2 laser applications to be addressed and for the companies to realize synergies and strengthen their competitiveness.

Our customers will benefit from the joint distribution and service centres on three continents by getting a wider choice of laser sources and improved international technical support.

The management and employees of both Iradion and Rofin-Sinar UK are excited about the opportunities that this agreement offers both companies to expand their market and deliver comprehensive global support for their products.